About Me


Bryce Warren
Bryce Warren began shooting comedy clips for YouTube at thirteen, and, after garnering a surprisingly strong following, in 2013, that passion for filmmaking became BDW Media LLC.

This early pursuit of cutting-edge media has fostered an array of technical skills beyond just filmmaking – from photography, to web design, to digital art. Pushing forward to a career in the film industry, Bryce Warren has remained eager to diversify his skill set and take on a wide variety of innovative challenges.

Recently, Bryce graduated early with a BFA in Film Production from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in December, 2016.

BDW Media is a small production company, eager to take on a variety of creative projects and services including but not limited to: directing, cinematography, editing, color grading, graphic design, special effects, web design, and photography. If you have any questions, contact Bryce HERE!

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