Liar Film



Hello. We are filmmakers, cinematographers, colorists, editors, directors, artists.

A passion for image and story has fostered the foundations for our filmmaking. Through a culmination of creative techniques, we put cinema on screen to create a temporary reality for you to escape in.


Liar Film is the sole film division of BDW Media. We work out of New Mexico to drive forward our a focus on film production. Our website is under construction.

Curious about the octopus?

The octopus is a master of camouflage – perfectly hiding in plain sight, adapting itself to fit any situation or requirement for survival. They are some of the smartest creatures on earth and the only animal suited to transforming a straight line into the shape it needs to fit.

Almost like a …lie.

Just like an octopus, we are ready to adapt. Reach out, lets meet and chat. You will see how friendly and easy to work with we are. I promise, we dont bite.